Christoph Wimmer

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The mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase-1 (Mdh1) gene of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] spontaneously mutates to a null phenotype at a relatively high rate. To determine the molecular basis for the instability of the Mdh1 gene, the gene was cloned and sequenced. The null phenotype correlated with the deletion of specific genomic restriction fragments that(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify predisposing conditions for vascular events. SETTING Vascular events, immunologic processes, and viral infections have to be considered as pathomechanisms for most cases of sudden hearing loss. STUDY DESIGN Hemorrheologic parameters were studied in 53 patients with sudden hearing loss within 5 days of the onset. PATIENTS A control(More)
This paper reports on a between-subject, comparative online study of three information visualization demonstrators that each displayed the same dataset by way of an identical scatterplot technique, yet were different in style in terms of visual and interactive embellishment. We validated stylistic adherence and integrity through a separate experiment in(More)
Online surveys are an important means of data collection in marketing and research, but conventional survey designs are often perceived as dull and unengaging, resulting in negative respondent behavior. Gamification has been proposed to make online surveys more pleasant to fill and, consequently, to improve the quality of survey results. This work applied(More)
Several studies have shown that tumor cells may develop resistance to radiotherapy, proliferating under hypoxic conditions. Following surgery, patients may develop low hemoglobin levels, which may cause low oxygen conditions. This retrospective analysis was undertaken to determine the impact of low hemoglobin levels in patients with head and neck tumors(More)
HYPOTHESIS In this study we tested the effect of local administration of D-methionine, sodium thiosulfate, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and fibroblast growth factor-2 on cisplatin ototoxicity in guinea pigs to the round window membrane. BACKGROUND Cisplatin is an important antineoplastic agent in the therapy of many malignancies. Its clinical(More)
Two targeting signals, PTS1 and PTS2, mediate import of proteins into the peroxisomal matrix. We have cloned and sequenced the watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) cDNA homologue to the PTS1 receptor gene (PEX5). Its gene product, CvPex5p, belongs to the family of tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) containing proteins like the human and yeast counterparts, and(More)
Real-world tagging technologies, such as RFID or visual codes, have enabled new application scenarios that foster mobile interaction with the physical world. While the application scenarios are promising for many contexts, the technologies are currently lacking accessibility. Especially blind and visually impaired people are not able to interact with tags(More)
Gamification has been employed to make online surveys more engaging to fill. Related work has evaluated the psychological and behavioral outcome of gamified surveys, but has been unclear about design methods and best practices. This work discusses foundations, relevant design dimensions (game elements, survey areas and the design process), and critical(More)
Mobile applications provide increasingly complex functionality through form-based user interfaces, which requires effective solutions for navigation on small-screen devices. This paper contributes a comparative usability evaluation of four navigation design patterns: Scrolling, Tabs, Menus, and Collapsible Fieldsets. These patterns were evaluated in a case(More)