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In this paper, Bias-temperature instability (BTI) characterization on 45nm high-K + metal-gate (HK+MG) transistors is presented and degradation mechanism is discussed. Transistors with an un-optimized HK film stack in the early development phase exhibited pre-existing traps and large amount of hysteresis that was consistent with literature. The optimized(More)
BACKGROUND Controversies surround various treatment variables for patients with childhood craniopharyngioma such as growth hormone (GH) replacement, which some believe can exacerbate recurrence/progression. We prospectively assessed the risk of tumor recurrence/progression in survivors of childhood craniopharyngioma. METHODS Multivariable analyses of risk(More)
In several areas of the Alps, steep grassland is characterized by shallow erosions. These erosions represent a hazard through the increased availability of unconsolidated material in steep locations, loss of soil and impaired landscape aesthetics. Generally, the erosions concern only small areas but sometimes occur in large numbers. Remote sensing(More)
Weyl semimetals are often considered the 3D-analogon of graphene or topological insulators. The evaluation of quantum oscillations in these systems remains challenging because there are often multiple conduction bands. We observe de Haas-van Alphen oscillations with several frequencies in a single crystal of the Weyl semimetal niobium phosphide. For each(More)
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