Christoph Wenger

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The aim of this study was to determine whether or not Sb and other elements (Ni, Cu, Bi, Tl, and Hg) originating from Pb alloy (2-5 wt. % Sb) bullets become more soluble as a result of weathering and what mechanisms possibly control their solubility. Samples were taken from bank material behind the targets at seven Swiss shooting ranges. The samples were(More)
Mitochondrial protein import is essential for all eukaryotes. Here we show that the early diverging eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei has a non-canonical inner membrane (IM) protein translocation machinery. Besides TbTim17, the single member of the Tim17/22/23 family in trypanosomes, the presequence translocase contains nine subunits that co-purify in reciprocal(More)
Mitochondrial protein import is essential for Trypanosoma brucei across its life cycle and mediated by membrane-embedded heterooligomeric protein complexes, which mainly consist of trypanosomatid-specific subunits. However, trypanosomes contain orthologues of small Tim chaperones that escort hydrophobic proteins across the intermembrane space. Here we have(More)
Protein import into organelles is essential for all eukaryotes and facilitated by multi-protein translocation machineries. Analysing whether a protein is transported into an organelle is largely restricted to single constituents. This renders knowledge about imported proteins incomplete, limiting our understanding of organellar biogenesis and function. Here(More)
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