Christoph Weisser

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Zusammenfassung Frakturen langer Röhrenknochen werden heute vorzugsweise durch intramedulläre Osteosynthese versorgt. Eine Ausnahme stellt die Unterarmfraktur dar, bei der die Plattenosteosynthese bislang als Standardverfahren gilt. Bisherige Versuche, das Nagelprinzip auf die Unterarmfraktur zu übertragen, konnten sich wegen der limitierten Stabilität der(More)
Operationsziel Übungsstabile Osteosynthese von Ulna und/oder Radius mit einem soliden, durch Schrauben proximal und distal verriegelten Marknagel in grundsätzlich aufgebohrter Technik. Indikationen Geschlossene und offene Frakturen des zweiten bis vierten Schaftsechstels des Radius und des zweiten bis fünften Schaftsechstels der Ulna einschließlich(More)
The long road to effective catgut sterilization began with the work of Lord Joseph Lister (1867) and did not end until 40 years later. At the end of the nineteenth century dozens of different techniques were used to “sterilize” catgut, by immersing the cord in a cold chemical solution, by exposing it to steam, or by a combination of the two techniques, yet(More)
N. Larsen, B. M. Knudsen, S. H. Svendsen, T. Deshler, J. M. Rosen, R. Kivi, C. Weisser, J. Schreiner, K. Mauerberger, F. Cairo, J. Ovarlez, H. Oelhaf, and R. Spang Danish Meteorological Institute, Lyngbyvej 100, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY 82071, USA Finnish Meteorological Institute, Arctic Research Centre, 99600(More)
BACKGROUND Published models predicting nasal colonization with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among hospital admissions predominantly focus on separation of carriers from non-carriers and are frequently evaluated using measures of discrimination. In contrast, accurate estimation of carriage probability, which may inform decisions regarding(More)
Synoptic scale polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) that formed without the presence of mountain lee waves were observed in early December 2002 from Kiruna/Sweden using balloon-borne instruments. The physical, chemical, and optical properties of the particles were measured. Within the PSC solid particles existed whenever the temperature was below the(More)
BACKGROUND Austria still lacks a baby-take-home rate after assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and therefore an adequate quality management of ART. PATIENTS AND METHODS This paper extrapolates data about births/infants after ART at the University Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (PMU/SALK) in Salzburg for Austria, especially in regard to multiple(More)