Christoph Warmke

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The study of eye movement dysfunction in chronic schizophrenics by electronystagmography revealed a significant increase of saccadic dysmetria as well as saccadic intrusions in smooth pursuit in schizophrenic patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD) compared with those without TD and with healthy controls. The pattern of eye movement dysfunction in(More)
Es wird über eine Patientin berichtet, die seit Jahrzehnten an einer bipolaren affektiven Störung leidet. Bei einer medikamentösen Umstellung von Lithium auf Valproat per Infusionem geriet diese Patientin in einen komatösen Zustand. Eine unbemerkt sich entwickelte Hypernatriämie zeigte sich später für dieses Koma verantwortlich. Diese Hypernatriämie war(More)
This paper is about a female patient who suffered from bipolar disorders for several decades. Due to a change in medication from lithium to valproic acid by infusion, the patient fell into a coma. Hypernatremia, which had developed unnoticed, was later discovered as the reason. This hypernatremia was due to renal diabetes insipidus stemming from the decades(More)
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