Christoph V. Heine

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This paper presents a compact pattern reconfigurable antenna for automotive mobile systems. The presented antenna operates in the 2.6 GHz LTE band in Europe and is capable of switching between four different directivity patterns. The generated main beams for these four states are shifted by 90° in azimuth in respect to one another. The antenna(More)
One of the most important issues in Ultra-Wideband (UWB) communication is the achievable transmission distance. Due to the regulatory issues the transmit power is strictly limited, therefore larger ranges can be achieved by using the receivers with best noise handling properties. In this paper several UWB transceiver architectures, most commonly encountered(More)
We report on enhancing the photon-extraction efficiency (PEE) of deterministic quantum dot (QD) microlenses via anti-reflection (AR) coating. The AR-coating deposited on top of the curved microlens surface is composed of a thin layer of Ta2O5, and is found to effectively reduce back-reflection of light at the semiconductor-vacuum interface. A statistical(More)
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