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This research draws on team adaptation theory to study how agile information systems development (ISD) teams respond to non-routine events in their work environment. Based on our findings from a qualitative case study of three ISD teams, we identified non-routine events that could be distinguished according to the three categories task volatility,(More)
Prostacyclin levels are increased in septic patients and several animal models of septic shock, and selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 improved cardiovascular dysfunction in rats treated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Here, we examine the specific role of prostacyclin and of the receptor for prostacyclin (IP) in the development of LPS-induced(More)
SAP AG has taught more than 4,000 developers the Agile Software Engineering methodology since 2010. As such, the company offers a unique setting to study its impact on developers' work. In this paper, we discuss how developers perceive the impact of pair programming and test automation on software quality, delivered feature scope, and various team work(More)
Many software developmentc ompanies have fundamentallyc hanged theway they organize and run theirdevelopment organizationsi n thecourseofthe last decade.L ean and agiles oftwared evelopment became more and more common. Lean focuseso n continuous valueg eneration based on af ramework of principles known from manufacturing. Buth ow do software developers(More)
While agile development methods have enjoyed widespread adoption, literature has lagged behind in the development of theory to explain its impact on team performance. In this paper, we develop a theoretical model to explain the impact of agile software development on the performance of information systems development (ISD) teams. We first propose a new(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic accuracy studies of neuromonitoring devices during carotid endarterectomy in awake patients are limited by the question of the transferability to anesthetized patients. This study was designed to compare the different neuromonitoring parameters in patients under regional and general anesthesia with stump pressure as the primary(More)
This study draws on team adaptation theory to examine how agile behavior within Information Systems development (ISD) teams influences team performance. We conceptualize agile behavior as the degree to which ISD teams use agile practices and test a theoretical model that links agile practice use to two key components of team adaptation—shared mental models(More)