Christoph Tappertzhofen

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The solid-state development for the low dose drug molecule SAR114137, a selective and reversible inhibitor of cysteine cathepsin S/K, is reported. Six polymorphic forms as well as various solvate phases were discovered by an extensive polymorphism screening. The solid phase characterizations revealed that phase 1, from which a single crystal structure could(More)
We describe herein the synthesis of a new analogue of the GM3-lactone containing a cyclic ether moiety. The ether moiety was chosen as a replacement for the regular lactone group since it shows high resemblance with the lactone and is completely stable under biological conditions. The cyclic ether moiety was formed by reduction of the corresponding lactone(More)
The so-called pharmaceutical solid chain, which encompasses drug substance micronisation to the final tablet production, at pilot plant scale is presented as a case study for a novel, highly potent, pharmaceutical compound: SAR114137. Various solid-state analytical methods, such as solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (ssNMR), Differential Scanning(More)
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