Christoph Steiger

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—Today's reconfigurable hardware devices have huge densities and are partially reconfigurable, allowing for the configuration and execution of hardware tasks in a true multitasking manner. This makes reconfigurable platforms an ideal target for many modern embedded systems that combine high computation demands with dynamic task sets. A rather new line of(More)
This paper deals with online scheduling of tasks to partially reconfigurable devices. Such devices are able to execute several tasks in parallel. All tasks share the re-configurable surface as a single resource which leads to highly dynamic allocation situations. To manage such devices at runtime, we propose a reconfigurable operating system that splits(More)
Partial reconfiguration allows for mapping and executing several tasks on an FPGA during runtime. Multitasking on FPGAs raises a number of questions on the management of the reconfigurable resource which leads to the concept of a reconfigurable operating system. A major aspect of such an operating system is task placement. Online placement methods are(More)
Partially reconfigurable devices allow to configure and execute tasks in a true multitasking manner. The main characteristics of mapping tasks to such devices is the strong nexus between scheduling and placement. In this paper, we formulate a new online real-time scheduling problem and present two heuristics, the horizon and the stuffing technique , to(More)
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