Christoph Stadler

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Abstract. We present Monte Carlo simulations of a coarse-grained model for Langmuir monolayers of amphiphile molecules on a polar substrate. The molecules are modelled as chains of Lennard-Jones beads, with one slightly larger end bead confined in a planar surface. They are simulated in continuous space under conditions of constant pressure, using a(More)
We study coarse grained, continuum models for Langmuir monolayers by self consistent field theory and by Monte Carlo simulations. Amphiphilic molecules are represented by stiff chains of monomers with one end grafted to a planar surface. In particular, we discuss the origin of successive fluid-fluid transitions, the possible origin of tilt order and the(More)
1. The increase of breaking strength of operated skin (paravertebral right and left and along the linea alba) and fascia (lines, alba) of 54 rabbits was measured tensiometrically. Tissue was torn with and without suture material. 2. During the first 6 to 7 postoperative days the breaking strength of skin and fascia only results from the suture. 3. From the(More)
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