Christoph Sprenger

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Bank filtration (BF) is a well established and proven natural water treatment technology, where surface water is infiltrated to an aquifer through river or lake banks. Improvement of water quality is achieved by a series of chemical, biological and physical processes during subsurface passage. This paper aims at identifying climate sensitive factors(More)
Emerging countries frequently afflicted by waterborne diseases require safe and cost-efficient production of drinking water, a task that is becoming more challenging as many rivers carry a high degree of pollution. A study was conducted on the banks of the Yamuna River, Delhi, India, to ascertain if riverbank filtration (RBF) can significantly improve the(More)
Scanline is currently developing the proprietary crowd-simulation tool "Sheep". It is designed to generate mass scenes with 15.000 different characters, animate them by an unlimited amount of rules, supply presimulated cloth and render a whole shot in a single layer taking less than 45 minutes. This will disclose completely new dimensions for the(More)
Submersible data loggers are widely used for groundwater monitoring, but their application often runs the risk of hardware and data loss through vandalism or theft. During a field study in India, the authors of this article experienced that well locks attract the attention of unauthorized persons and do not provide secure protection in unattended areas. To(More)
Carnivorous vines with an appetite for teenagers are the main digital characters in Dreamworks' The Ruins. Animating thousands of leaves and flowers attached to these vines posed a unique challenge – not only did they have to sway, collide and react to external forces in a believable way but at times they were also required to perform in very “un-plantlike”(More)
PREFACE This report summarizes experiences from the TECHNEAU studies on Riverbank Filtration (RBF) for Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in India. The aim of the report is, to provide information for other RBF projects, especially for the investigation of sites and the development of facilities in developing and newly industrialized countries. The region of(More)
In an attempt to obtain a conservative estimate of virus removal during slow sand and river bank filtration, a somatic phage was isolated with slow decay and poor adsorption to coarse sand. We continuously fed a phage suspension to a 7-m infiltration path and measured the phage removal. In a second set of experiments, we fed the phage suspension to 1-m long(More)
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