Christoph Silberbauer

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Alcohol consumption during methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) often becomes a problem. We investigated a group of 68 patients undergoing MMT in our care. Mean duration of MMT was 50 months. A set of risk factors for problematic alcohol use ('alcohol indicators') was set up consisting of patients' account and laboratory parameters. 52% of patients were(More)
This paper presents data obtained in a one-day census investigation in five European countries (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia). The census forms were filled in for 4191 psychiatric inpatients. Concerning legal status, 11.2% were hospitalised against their will (committed) and 21.4% were treated in a ward with locked doors. There was only a(More)
Methadone maintenance treatment was introduced in Austria in 1987. The organisation of a methadone maintenance program in Upper Austria is described and the results of a follow up study 3 years after start of the program are presented. As positive effects of methadone treatment could be found an increase of time in work, a decrease of delinquency and a good(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the changes of utilization of a psychiatric department following its decentralization into an Upper Austrian region, the Salzkammergut. METHODS 9 months before and after decentralization all kinds of contacts to psychiatric patients (inpatients, outpatients, day clinic patients, patients of consulting psychiatric service) regarding(More)
BACKGROUND To examine the differences and potential changes that occur in smoking habits among psychiatric and somatic patients due to and during their hospital stay in a general hospital. METHODS Inpatients of three departments (psychiatry,cardiology, pulmology) were given a questionnaire that asked for epidemiologic data and their smoking(More)
Tardive dystonia is a subtype of tardive dyskinesia which is rarely recognised and diagnosed. Tardive dystonia occurs clearly less frequently than oro-bucco-lingual dyskinesia (approx. 1 vs. 20%). We present a case report and give a survey on the characteristics of tardive dystonia, its differential diagnosis and treatment as described in literature.
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