Christoph Schrank

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The Graz-brain-computer interface (BCI) is a cue-based system using the imagery of motor action as the appropriate mental task. Relevant clinical applications of BCI-based systems for control of a virtual keyboard device and operations of a hand orthosis are reported. Additionally, it is demonstrated how information transfer rates of 17 b/min can be(More)
OBJECTIVE There is no doubt that underlying medical problems such as concomitant diseases or risk factors play a role in increasing patient morbidity and mortality. These factors are already integrated in trauma scores but preexisting diseases have no impact on burn scores yet. This study was performed to examine the predictive value of the classical burn(More)
The acetabular labrum appears as a bundle of distinctly circular lined up collagenous fibers. It surrounds the limbus tangentially and is separated from the cartilagenous covered facies lunata through a thin gap (fissure) except of a small zone in the craniocaudal part. The labrum is strongly fixed with the transverse acetabular ligament. A vascular(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate high resolution sequences with and without fat-suppression techniques for MR imaging of the wrist. MATERIALS AND METHODS 10 cadaver wrist specimens were imaged with 12 MR sequences (SE: 400 ms/20 ms, TSE: 3000 ms/119 ms/17 ms, fatsat (FS) TSE: 3000 ms/17 ms and 3000 ms/45 ms, STIR: 2619 ms/29 ms/160 ms, DESS 3D: 43.7 ms/9 ms/35 degrees(More)
BASIS This prospective multi-centre study in co-operation with the Wake Forrest University covered the area of applications for treatment of fresh, superficial and deep dermal burns and scalds (grade II a-b). The micro-circulation relationships, wound healing time, extent of germ settlement and the connective tissue edema were of particular interest(More)
During winter 1994/95 and 1995/96 a retrospective study was carried out in which datasets supported by questionnaires from 31 female and 64 male professional snowboarders were evaluated. Included were personal data and details of other types of sports. Also the personal style preferred and equipment used was integrated. Particularly of interest were the(More)
The lateral forearm flap is being increasingly used for covering minor-to-moderate-sized defects for which soft and thin skin is required. Within the framework of an anatomic study carried out on 28 cadaveric arms, the authors investigated the principal artery that supplies blood to this flap namely, the posterior radial collateral artery (PRCA). They found(More)
C. Schrank , B. Schwarz, C. Eisenmenger-Sittner, K. Mayerhofer, E. Neubauer Institute of Solid State Physics, E-138, Vienna University of Technology, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, Vienna A-1040, Aust Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, E-164, Vienna University of Technology, Getreidemarkt 9, Vienna A-1060, A Deptartment of Materials and(More)
Deep geothermal from the hot crystalline basement has remained an unsolved frontier for the geothermal industry for the past 30 years. This poses the challenge for developing a new unconventional geomechanics approach to stimulate such reservoirs. While a number of new unconventional brittle techniques are still available to improve stimulation on short(More)
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