Christoph Schneider

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We analyze the role of bankers on the boards of German non-financial companies. We assemble a unique panel data set for 137 firms and 11 banks for the period from 1994 to 2005. We find that banks that are represented on a firm’s board promote their investment banking services and increase their lending to firms in the same industry. We also find evidence(More)
Presence perceptions (i.e., perceptions of nonmediation in technology-mediated environments, Lombard & Ditton, 1997) have been demonstrated to influence consumers’ attitudes and intentions in online shopping situations; the factors leading to presence, however, are not well understood. In business-to-consumer e-commerce environments, factors such as task(More)
Increasingly, organizations develop professional communities for knowledge transfer, usually so as to draw on a vast pool of expertise, or to enable participants to help each other when problems arise. Such communities can be perceived as digital ecosystems, where individuals with different levels of interest and resources participate and provide resources(More)