Christoph Saas

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Adiabatic switching might be a possibility to overcome the power losses in CMOS due to the charging of capacities. The design of adiabatic gates and registers has been examined in the past. The possibilities o ered to the design of logic are evaluated in this paper. For this purpose an array multiplier has been chosen as a representative for more complex(More)
It has been shown (Athas et al., 1994) that adiabatic switching can significantly reduce the dynamic power dissipation in an integrated circuit. Due to the overhead in the realization of adiabatic logic blocks (Saas et al., 2000) the best results are achieved when it is used only for charging dominant loads in an integrated circuit (Voss and Glessner,(More)
The application of adiabatic switching for driving high capacitive loads encountered on the column lines of flat panel displays is investigated. A new digital-to-analog converter using stepwise charging is proposed to minimize power dissipation. Most of the energy stored on the charged column lines can be recovered. The proposed DAC is capable of driving(More)
In this work we show that bireciprocal wave digital lattice filters (BWDLF) can be used very favourably as pulse shaping filters in digital communications. A new approach, at least in this context, is presented, how to cope with the phase distortions which are caused by the nonlinear phase response of BWDLFs. This approach is characterized by minimizing the(More)
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