Christoph Rost

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Results of ICRF heating experiments in Alcator C-Mod during the November 1994-June 1995 campaign are summarized. Efficient heating of high density (, ; 3 x 1020 m-3) plasmas was demonstrated with high power densities (up to 5 MW/m 3 volume averaged, 0.6 MW/m 2 surface averaged). These experiments were carried out with RF powers up to 3.5 MW at 80 MHz, at(More)
White blister rust of sunflower is an emerging disease that is among the most important diseases in this crop in South Africa and has recently spread to Europe. For the genus Albugo, it has been demonstrated that species are mostly at least host genus specific and that several previously overlooked species are present on Brassicaceae. It thus seems likely(More)
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