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Despite their economic importance, the knowledge of the biodiversity of many plant pathogens is still fragmentary. In this study we show that this is true also for the white blister rust genus Pustula that is parasitic on several genera in the asterids, including sunflower and the gentian, Eustoma. It is revealed that several distinct species exist in(More)
The Albuginaceae, responsible for white blister rust disease on various angiosperms, are obligate biotrophic oomycetes that are only distantly related to downy mildews (Peronosporaceae). Their diversity has been much underestimated during the past decades, mainly because of the paucity of morphological characters for species delimitation, which led to the(More)
White blister rust of sunflower is an emerging disease that is among the most important diseases in this crop in South Africa and has recently spread to Europe. For the genus Albugo, it has been demonstrated that species are mostly at least host genus specific and that several previously overlooked species are present on Brassicaceae. It thus seems likely(More)
Cooking quality ratings and percentages of dry matter were obtained for potatoes grown at 30 different locations in the Red River Valley of Minnesota in 1942 and 1943 for the purpose of determining the influence of phosphate and potash fertilizers on cooking quality. The fertilizers were associated with slight but not significant increases in the cooking(More)
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