Christoph Ringelstein

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The processing of data is often restricted by contractual and legal requirements for protecting privacy and IPRs. Policies provide means to control how and by whom data is processed. Conditions of policies may depend on the previous processing of the data. However, existing policy languages do not provide means to express such conditions. In this work we(More)
Service-oriented systems facilitate business workflows to span multiple organizations (e.g. by means of Web services). As a side effect, data may be more easily transferred over organizational boundaries. Thus, privacy issues arise. At the same time, there are personal, business and legal requirements for protecting privacy and IPR and allowing customers to(More)
With novel centralized information management systems, users benefit from collective data organization. Centraliza-tion, however, also imposes privacy and availability constraints. With this work we present SEA, a semantic exchange architecture for distributed information management that employs Peer-to-Peer networking, social information management, and(More)
Im Rahmen der Aufgaben des Architekturmanagements wurden Defizite in der Systemarchitektur der Debeka-Gruppe identifiziert. Aufgrund der Komple-xität der Anwendungs-und Systemlandschaft sowie der bereits getätigten Investi-tionen werden unter Abschätzung von Risiken und Kosten sogenannte Interimsar-chitekturen propagiert, die eine schrittweite(More)