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A Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) ecosystem is a kind of Digital Ecosystem formed by independent platforms combined and used by learners to support their learning. We believe that recommendations made across these different platforms by exploiting the synergies between them will benefit learners. However, building such cross-platform recommender systems(More)
In a search for genes responsible for the accumulation of antimonite in Escherichia coli, TnphoA was used to create a pool of random insertional mutants, from which one antimonite-resistant mutant was isolated. Sequence analysis showed that the TnphoA insertion was located in the glpF gene, coding for the glycerol facilitator GlpF. The mutant was shown to(More)
Firewalls are a widely used security mechanism to provide access control and auditing at the border between " open " and private networks or administrative domains. As part of the network infrastructure they are strongly affected by the development and deployment of new communication paradigms and applications.Currently we experience a very fast rise in the(More)
Re-use of digital resources is an important issue in e-Learning scenarios, because only intensive re-use can make e-Learning cost efficient. Besides reusing whole courses, authors often desire to re-use fine grained parts of courses for creating new Learning Resources. The granularity which appears to be most promising for this kind of re-use is the level(More)