Christoph Rasche

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We describe an improved spiking silicon neuron (SN) [6] that approximates the dynamics of ionic currents of a real nerve cell. The improved version has less circuitry and fewer parameters than previous circuits thereby improving the spiking characteristics. We describe the differential equations governing the revised circuits and use them to explain the(More)
 The recent quantitative description of activity-dependent depression in the synaptic transmission between cortical neurons has lead to many interesting suggestions of possible computational implications. Based on a simple biological model, we have constructed an analog circuit that emulates the properties of short-term depressing synapses. The circuit(More)
Several studies have shown that the precision of smooth pursuit eye speed can match perceptual speed discrimination thresholds during the steady-state phase of pursuit [Kowler, E., & McKee, S. (1987). Sensitivity of smooth eye movement to small differences in target velocity. Vision Research, 27, 993-1015; Gegenfurtner, K., Xing, D., Scott, B., & Hawken, M.(More)
We have developed compact analog integrated circuits that simulate two synaptic excitatory conductances. A four-transistor circuit captures the dynamics of an excitatory postsynaptic current caused by a real AMPA conductance. A six-transistor circuit simulates the effects of a real voltage-dependent NMDA conductance. The postsynaptic current dynamics are(More)
We have developed an analog very-large-scale integrated (aVLSI) electronic circuit that emulates a compartmental model of a neuronal dendrite. The horizontal conductances of the compartmental model are implemented as a switched capacitor network. The transmembrane conductances are implemented as transconductance amplifiers. The electrotonic properties of(More)
Contemporary theoretical accounts of perceptual learning typically assume that observers are either unbiased or stably biased across the course of learning. However, standard methods for estimating thresholds, as they are typically used, do not allow this assumption to be tested. We present an approach that allows for this test specific to perceptual(More)
An excitable membrane is described which can perform different visual tasks such as contour detection, contour propagation, image segmentation, and motion detection. The membrane is designed to fit into a neuromorphic multichip system. It consists of a single two-dimensional (2-D) layer of locally connected integrate-and-fire neurons and propagates input in(More)
This paper presents an automatic algorithm for static hand gesture recognition relying on both depth and intensity information provided by a time-of-flight (ToF) camera. The combined depth and intensity information facilitates the segmentation process, even in the presence of a cluttered background (2 misses out of 450 images). Gesture classification is(More)
In this paper, we propose an audio-visual approach to video genre categorization. Audio information is extracted at block-level, which has the advantage of capturing local temporal information. At temporal structural level, we asses action contents with respect to human perception. Further, color perception is quantified with statistics of color(More)