Christoph Rachinger

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This paper complements and generalizes the results in [1], [2] while taking new formulas from [3] into account. We compare convolutional and LDPC codes of different rates with respect to their structural delay. This property is intrinsic to the encoding and decoding process and gives a fundamental limit to the achievable latency for end-to-end(More)
The modulation scheme Phase Shift Keying on the Hypersphere (PSKH), a generalization of conventional Phase Shift Keying (PSK) for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems, is introduced. In PSKH, constellation points are distributed over a multidimensional hypersphere. The use of such constellations with Peak-To-Average-Sum-Power-Ratio (PASPR) of 1(More)
We analyze the performance of Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation (BICM) for MIMO systems employing Phase Shift Keying on the Hypersphere (PSKH), an extension of conventional PSK to higher dimensions. Because the quality of BICM relies on the bit-mapping between coded bits and signal points, PSKH constellations with superior distance properties and capacities(More)
The sphere decoder (SD) is a powerful algorithm to reduce the computational complexity for multiple-symbol differential detection (MSDD) of differential phase-shift keying. To further increase the quality of the transmission, soft-output sphere decoding produces reliability information in the form of LLRs which are fed into the channel decoder. In this(More)
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