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This paper complements and generalizes the results in [1], [2] while taking new formulas from [3] into account. We compare convolutional and LDPC codes of different rates with respect to their structural delay. This property is intrinsic to the encoding and decoding process and gives a fundamental limit to the achievable latency for end-to-end(More)
—The sphere decoder (SD) is a powerful algorithm to reduce the computational complexity for multiple-symbol differential detection (MSDD) of differential phase-shift keying. To further increase the quality of the transmission, soft-output sphere decoding produces reliability information in the form of LLRs which are fed into the channel decoder. In this(More)
of 1 allows to use load-modulated transmitters which require much smaller backoff, which in turn results in a higher power efficiency. In this paper we discuss several methods how to generate PSKH constellations and compare their performance. After applying conventional Pulse-Amplitude Modulation (PAM), the PASPR of the continuous time PSKH signal depends(More)
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