Christoph Puls

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Size segregated emissions of particle-phase species from on-road motor vehicles were investigated in the Kaisermühlen Tunnel (Vienna, Austria) during April and May 2005. Emission factors were calculated from concentration differences between tunnel inside and tunnel outside samples, the distance between tunnel entrance and sampling location, the ventilation(More)
PM10 levels of the mineral components Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg and some trace metals were measured at three different sites in the urban area of Vienna (Austria). Observed trace metal concentrations varied between less than 0.1 ngm 3 (Cd) and approximately 200 ngm 3 (Zn), mineral components showed enhanced concentrations ranging from 0.01 mgm 3 (Ca) to 16.3 mgm 3(More)
Total and size-segregated Pt and Pd emission factors from on-road vehicles were measured in the Kaisermühlen Tunnel in Vienna, Austria. Aerosol sampling was performed simultaneously inside and outside the tunnel during April and May 2005. Analysis of the acid-digested aerosol samples was performed using a preconcentration procedure with subsequent on-line(More)
The onset and dynamics of flow in shallow horizontally oscillating granular layers are studied as a function of the depth of the layer and imposed acceleration. Measurements of the flow velocity made from the top and side are presented in the frame of reference of the container. As is also found for avalanches of inclined layers, the thresholds for starting(More)
Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) are valuable tools in the investigation of early viral infection steps due to their far reaching (although still incomplete) characterization. During endocytosis, native virions first loose one of the four capsid proteins (VP4); corresponding particles sediment at 135S and were termed subviral A particles. Subsequently, the viral(More)
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