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The reliability of non-functional contracts is crucial for many software applications. This added to the increasing attention this issue lately received in software engineering. Another development in software engineering is toward component-based systems. The interaction of both, non-functional aspects and components, is a relatively new research area,(More)
Component-based applications require runtime support to be able to guarantee non-functional properties. This paper proposes an architecture for a real-time-capable, component-based runtime environment, which allows to separate non-functional and functional concerns in component-based software development. The architecture is presented with particular focus(More)
Domain analysis involves not only looking at standard requirements documents (e.g., use case specifications) but also at customer information packs, market analyses, etc. Looking across all these documents and deriving, in a practical and scalable way, a feature model that is comprised of coherent abstractions is a fundamental and non-trivial challenge. We(More)
Interferon-beta (IFNB) therapy for multiple sclerosis can lead to the induction of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) against IFNB. Various methods are used for detection and quantification of NAbs. Blood samples from 125 IFNB-1b–treated patients, which were tested NAb negative or NAb positive after conclusion of a clinical study, were retested three years(More)
Current component plattforms usually consider only a limited set of non-functional properties. Integration of these aspects is moreover handled in a rather static way. This article elaborates on possible uses of existing meta-programming facilities, notably interceptors, for custom integration of orthongonal middleware facilities. The concept is(More)