Christoph Ottinger

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Purpose: A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of alglucosidase alfa in infants and children with advanced Pompe disease.Methods: Open-label, multicenter study of IV alglucosidase alfa treatment in 21 infants 3–43 months old (median 13 months) with minimal acid α-glucosidase activity and abnormal left ventricular mass index by(More)
We isolated a Mycobacterium sp. resembling Mycobacterium marinum and M. ulcerans from diseased striped bass (Morone saxatilis) during an epizootic of mycobacteriosis in the Chesapeake Bay. This isolate may represent an undescribed Mycobacterium species, based on phenotypic characteristics and comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence.
Strokes due to vertebral artery lesions are rare in children. We describe three new patients and compare them with the 16 other patients described in the literature. All of these patients are boys. Traumatic vertebral artery lesion at C1-2 level was the most common cause of stroke, and the prognosis for neurologic recovery was good. We suggest that(More)
An excimer-laser pumped, tunable dye laser for broadband emission has been constructed for a novel molecular-beam experiment. By using Littrow prisms of different refractions as the dispersive elements, bandwidths from 0.7-1.5 nm with a tuning range of 40 nm were obtained. Pulse-to-pulse spectra were measured with a grating spectrometer-CCD camera(More)
Proton transfer between ions of the cyclic peptide valinomycin (relative molecular mass 1110.6) and ammonia molecules has been studied over a range of ion energies from 50 eV to 8 keV. Valinomycin ions were produced by field desorption. Collisions of valinomycin ions with ammonia molecules at controlled energies were carried out using an ion-optical lens(More)
Vom 26.9.--2. 10. 1971 land in G6ttingen eine Euchem-Tagung tiber das Thema "The Kinetics of Elementary Chemical Collision Processes" start. Die technische Durchfiihrung wurde von dem G6ttinger Max-Planck-Institut ftir Str6mungsforschung, Abteilung Molekulare Wechselwirkungen, unter dessen Direktor Prof. Dr. J. P. Toennies besorgt, in Kooperation mit Prof.(More)
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