Christoph O. Meyer

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This working document focuses on the dynamics and scope of strategic culture-building in the context of the European Union’s aspirations to develop a European security and defence policy (ESDP). It argues that the notion of strategic culture can be useful in assessing the context in which the ESDP will develop further as well as its performance in matters(More)
The combination of pure chemical methods with enzymatic approaches offers a kit system with maximum flexibility for site-specifically tagging proteins with a broad variety of artificial structures. Trypsiligase, a recently introduced designer enzyme for both N- and C-terminal site-specific labeling of peptides and proteins, has been used to introduce click(More)
OBJECTIVE We conducted a survey of the members of the Society of Computed Body Tomography/Magnetic Resonance to assess current techniques in liver imaging using helical CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS The survey, which was designed to update earlier surveys from 1987 and 1993, included a questionnaire distributed to 77 members of the Society of Computed Body(More)
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