Christoph Mark

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We describe a technique for the quantitative measurement of cell-generated forces in highly nonlinear three-dimensional biopolymer networks that mimic the physiological situation of living cells. We computed forces of MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma cells from the measured network deformations around the cells using a finite-element approach based on a(More)
In the autoregressive process of first order AR(1), a homogeneous correlated time series ut is recursively constructed as ut = q ut−1 + σ t, using random Gaussian deviates t and fixed values for the correlation coefficient q and for the noise amplitude σ. To model temporally heterogeneous time series, the coefficients qt and σt can be regarded as(More)
Stochastic time series are ubiquitous in nature. In particular, random walks with time-varying statistical properties are found in many scientific disciplines. Here we present a superstatistical approach to analyse and model such heterogeneous random walks. The time-dependent statistical parameters can be extracted from measured random walk trajectories(More)
In cancer metastasis and other physiological processes, cells migrate through the three-dimensional (3D) extracellular matrix of connective tissue and must overcome the steric hindrance posed by pores that are smaller than the cells. It is currently assumed that low cell stiffness promotes cell migration through confined spaces, but other factors such as(More)
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