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Blockchain as Radical Innovation: A Framework for Engaging with Distributed Ledgers as Incumbent Organization
It is found that blockchain as an innovation is unique, because its transaction cost-lowering nature requires cooperation not only on an intra-organizational, but also on an inter-organ organizational level to fully leverage the technology. Expand
Blockchain to Rule the Waves - Nascent Design Principles for Reducing Risk and Uncertainty in Decentralized Environments
The findings of a Design Science Research project involving the construction and evaluation of an information technology artifact in collaboration with Maersk, a leading international shipping company, are discussed, where central documents in shipping are turned into a smart contract on blockchain. Expand
A Framework for Rigorously Identifying Research Gaps in Qualitative Literature Reviews
This study thoroughly analyzes the state-of-the-art procedure of identifying research gaps in 40 recent literature reviews and derives a framework for identifyingResearch gaps in qualitative literature reviews, enabling scholars to conduct literature reviews more rigorously, effectively, and efficiently in the future. Expand
Blockchain Research in Information Systems: Current Trends and an Inclusive Future Research Agenda
This editorial integrates and goes beyond the papers included in this special issue by providing a framework for blockchain research in IS that emphasizes two important issues: first, the need for IS research to consider how the protocol level constrains and affords blockchain applications, and how these constraints and other concerns at the application level lead to changes at the protocollevel. Expand
When is Crowdsourcing Advantageous? The Case of Crowdsourced Software Testing
This work contributes to the crowdsourcing literature by providing first empirical evidence about the instances in which crowdsourcing is an advantageous way of problem solving, as well as presenting two case studies from the domain of crowdsourced software testing. Expand
When permissioned blockchains deliver more decentralization than permissionless
Considerations for the governance of distributed systems are presented for the first time in a large-scale distributed system. Expand