Christoph Lingenfelder

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One of the main disadvantages of computer generated proofs of mathematical theorems is their complexity and incomprehensibility. Proof transformation proce-­ dures have been designed in order to state these proofs in a formalism that is more familiar to a human ma-­ thematician. But usually the essential idea of a proof is still not easily visible. We(More)
At KDD-2009 in Paris, a panel on open standards and cloud computing addressed emerging trends for data mining applications in science and industry. This report summarizes the answers from a distinguished group of thought leaders representing key software vendors in the data mining industry. Supporting open standards and the Predictive Model Markup Language(More)
As knowledge discovery (KD) matures and enters the mainstream, there is an onus on the technology developers to provide the technology in a deployable, embeddable form. This transition from a stand-alone technology, in the control of the knowledgeable few, to a widely accessible and usable technology will require the development of standards. These(More)
Abstrac t The problem of computer security ha s recently become more prominent, especially with the growing interest in distributed systems. One major aspect i s access control, especially to ensure tha t only those users who need to work with sensitive data are authorized to do so. A major drawback of most existing systems for security administration is(More)