Christoph Lechner

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Experimental cerebral tumors have been induced by transplacental ENU. A systematic diachronic study of the brains has been performed starting from the 15th day of extrauterine life. The tumoral lesions firstly appear as "early stage proliferations" or oligodendroglial foci and develop as glial micro- and macrotumors or as isomorphic and polymorphic(More)
This article examines the process through which multilevel network structures translate into knowledge acquisition from alliance partners. The degree of knowledge transfer a multidivisional company achieves from its network of alliance partners is determined not only by the organization's external network structure, but also by the structure of(More)
Clozapine is known to induce epileptic seizures and changes in EEG-patterns, including slowing and the appearance of epileptiform activity. Olanzapine, a new antipsychotic drug, shares many pharmacological and clinical properties with clozapine. However, in patients treated with olanzapine, no case of seizure induction has been reported so far, and the EEG(More)
Two women (patient 1, 77 years old, and patient 2, 63 years old) with strong clinical evidence for corticobasal degeneration (CBD) are presented. Patient 2 was in an early stage of the disease with only a mild disability of her left hand. In addition to the clinical characteristics, both patients presented the typical cortical reflex myoclonus. Magnetic(More)
The purpose of this article is to describe the theoretical and methodological reasons for the inconsistent findings on the value of strategic consensus. This analysis suggests the need for (a) definitions of consensus that align the locus and content of agreement with the study context and theoretical premises; (b) measures of consensus that take account of(More)
OBJECTIVE Brain electric activity in the theta frequency band has been associated with the encoding of new, and the retrieving of previously stored, information. We studied the time course of stimulus-to-stimulus changes of theta activity under repetitive somatosensory stimulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twelve healthy subjects participated in the study.(More)
Dr. Christoph Lechner is since 1999 member of the faculty of the University of St. Gallen and leads a research project at the Institute of Management (IfB) concerning " strategy process ". He also works as a strategy consultant for international corporations. Before doing that he completed a two year training pro-gramm with Deutsche Bank, worked in the(More)
Since the beginning of strategic management research numerous concepts (such as Portfolio Analysis, Scenario Planning, Business Process Reengineering or currently the Balanced Scorecard) have been developed and applied by academics, consultants and business practitioners. However, little attention has been paid to the complex processes taking place between(More)
Bodily misperceptions are a frequent symptom in major depressive disorder. A reduced ability to deflect attention from somatosensory stimuli may contribute to the generation of unpleasant bodily sensations and co-occur with altered habituation of the brain electric reactions to somatosensory stimuli. The aim of the present study was to explore whether(More)