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In robotic radiosurgery, the compensation of motion of internal organs is vital. This is currently done in two phases: an external surrogate signal (usually active optical markers placed on the patient's chest) is recorded and subsequently correlated to an internal motion signal obtained using stereoscopic X-ray imaging. This internal signal is sampled very(More)
Constructed wetlands have been promoted in recent literature for use in rural communities in developed as well as in developing countries as an appropriate technology to be handled with low operational maintenance costs. Within a joint project supported by BMBF (Project No O2WA0107 and No 02WA0108) research was done concerning the sanitation effect of(More)
Fecal contamination of water resources is a major public health concern in densely populated areas since these water bodies are used for drinking water production or recreational purposes. A main source of this contamination originates from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in regions with combined sewer systems. Thus, the treatment of CSO discharges is(More)
Combined sewer overflows contribute significantly to pathogen loads in surface water. Some chemical disinfectants such as chlorine have proved to reduce the levels of microorganisms even in complex matrices such as wastewater in combined sewer systems; however, some of them release toxic by-products into water bodies and increase costs of plant maintenance(More)
Along the intense industrialization of the Ruhr valley (Germany), the River Ruhr became increasingly polluted. Over time, using it for recreational purposes became a serious health hazard and bathing was banned due to chemical and microbiological risks. The purpose of the collaborative project "Safe Ruhr" was to verify the current status and to provide a(More)
Six sewage treatment plants (STP) were investigated over a 12-month period in order to measure the microbiological load of untreated municipal wastewater and to evaluate the removal efficiencies of different treatment systems. The STP investigated can be classified into three categories: bigger plants with tertiary treatment, smaller plants with enhanced(More)
In Germany, protozoal parasites are detected frequently in surface waters. This study aims to assess the parasitological pollution in a river course and two of its tributaries under regular weather conditions. Cryptosporidium was detected in 67% of all samples. The median concentration was 4 oocysts/100l. Giardia lamblia were detected in 90% of the samples.(More)
Of all the long-lived particles available as probes of condensed matter, and of all the signals available on a modern electron microscope, electron nanodiffraction patterns provide the strongest signal from the smallest volume. The technique is therefore perfectly suited to nanostructural investigations in inorganic chemistry and materials science. The(More)
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