Christoph Klebsattel

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We present <i>MoA</i><sup>2</sup>, a context-aware smartphone app for the ambulatory assessment of mood, tiredness and stress level. In principle, it has two features: (1) mood assessment and (2) mood recognition. The mood assessment system combines benefits of state of the art approaches. The mood recognition is concluded by smartphone-based wearable(More)
In ambulatory assessment, subjects are monitored in everyday life. Though, it is difficult to unobtrusively assess information -- e.g. about their context and affective state -- which results in an increased burden for the subjects. This burden is caused by a complex self-report that they need to provide or by additional wearables that need to be carried.(More)
Traditionally, mood is assessed by either considering physiological data or smartphones-based self-reports. Physiological data is objective and continuous, but difficult to be collected in-field and lacks a subjective component. Smartphones provide subjective feedback and objective data, but lack physiological data. We propose to combine smartphones as a(More)
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