Christoph Kirsch

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A Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) condition is derived for the numerical solution of time-harmonic multiple scattering problems, where the scatterer consists of several disjoint components. It is obtained by combining contributions from multiple purely outgoing wave fields. The DtN condition yields an exact nonreflecting boundary condition for the situation,(More)
Increasing needs for optimized designs and for handling the dependencies among control systems and their real-time implementation, cause a resulting need for tools that have the abilities to support design across these traditional discipline boundaries. Tools supporting such co-design provide new opportunities in developing cost-efficient, dependable and(More)
We present Jarol, a control infrastructure written entirely in Java. It provides developers of control systems with facilities to abstract away hardware details and use of different language-supported concurrency models. Using Java, the development of the control code is supported by strong typing, language-based concurrency support, and dynamic memory(More)