Christoph Kerschbaumer

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Web applications are vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks that enable data thefts. Information flow tracking in web browsers can prevent communication of sensitive data to unintended recipients and thereby stop such data thefts. Unfortunately, existing solutions have focused on incorporating information flow into browsers’ JavaScript(More)
The widespread use of JavaScript (JS) as the dominant web programming language opens the door to attacks such as Cross Site Scripting that steal sensitive information from users. Information flow tracking successfully addresses current browser security shortcomings, but current implementations incur a significant runtime overhead cost that prevents(More)
The usage of cellular phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Java is targeted to be one of the most popular execution environments on such systems. However, since mobile devices are inherently limited in terms of local storage capacity and Java requires large amounts of library code to be present on each(More)
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