Christoph Karg

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A key component of the IP Security architecture is the Internet Key Exchange Daemon (IKE). IKE is invoked to establish keys and security related parameters between hosts in order to protected the exchanged application data with them. The IKE concept can not be used for securing group communication based on IP multicast services since it is only addressed to(More)
In Schapire gave an equivalent characterization of Levin s notion of functions that are polynomial on average This characterization gives a very smooth translation from worst case complexity to average case complexity of the notions for time and space complexity We prove tight space and time hierarchy theorems and discuss the structure of deterministic and(More)
In this note, we show that LR(k) testing of context-free grammars with respect to random instances is many-one complete for DistNP (Distributional NP). The same result holds for testing whether a context-free grammar is LL(k), strong LL(k), SLR(k), LC(k) or strong LC(k), respectively.
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