Christoph Karg

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An extended abstract of this paper will be presented at the Sixth Annual International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation. Abstract In 1990 Schapire gave an equivalent c haracterization of Levin's notion of functions, that are polynomial on average. This characterization gives a very smooth translation from worst case complexity t o a verage case(More)
In this note, we show that LR(k) testing of context-free grammars with respect to random instances is many-one complete for DistNP (Distributional NP). The same result holds for testing whether a context-free grammar is LL(k), strong LL(k), SLR(k), LC(k) or strong LC(k), respectively.
Recently, Watanabe proposed a new framework for testing the correctness and average case behavior of algorithms that purport to solve a given NP search problem eeciently on average. The idea is to randomly generate certiied instances in a way that resembles the underlying distribution. We discuss this approach and show that test instances can be generated(More)
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