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Ten asymptomatic individuals at risk for Huntington's disease (HD) were determined by the use of linked DNA probes to have a high (HD+ group) or low (HD- group) probability of having inherited the mutant gene. Neuropsychological examination, performed without knowledge of DNA results, revealed impairments in five of seven subjects in the HD+ group.(More)
The results concerning evaluation studies of training measures are contradictory. The majority of impact analyses give an inconsistent picture about the employment effects. Some empirical analyses show that the systematic monitoring of qualification needs on the regional level can lead to better results. This is the starting point of this report: The(More)
This paper provides a stocktaking of the controlling systems of Public Employment Services Switzerland which is used to reflect on the running reform efforts in the German PES. Controlling systems must permanently be corrected and adapted since they are never perfect and prone to failures. Successions of centralisation and decentralization in labour market(More)
Die Sanktionspolitik der Arbeitsagenturen nach den " Hartz "-Reformen Analyse der Wirkungen des " Ersten Gesetzes für moderne Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt " * * Wir bedanken uns für hilfreiche Kritik und Anmerkungen bei Abstract In the context of the first so-called 'Hartz law' reforming labor market policy in Ger-many, the criteria for appropriate work(More)
Polymorphic DNA probes linked to the locus for Huntington disease (HD) were used for prenatal diagnosis of a 10-week fetus at 25% risk for the disease. The fetus proved to have a 48% risk of having inherited the HD mutation which was similar to that for the at-risk parent (50%). On this basis the parents elected to terminate the pregnancy. When appropriate(More)
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