Christoph Heinrich

Stefan Northoff6
Tim F Beckmann6
Heino Büntemeyer4
6Stefan Northoff
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Isogeometric Analysis uses NURBS representations of the domain for performing numerical simulations. The first part of this paper presents a variational framework for generating NURBS parameteriza-tions of swept volumes. The class of these volumes covers a number of interesting free-form shapes, such as blades of turbines and propellers, ship hulls or wings(More)
Introduction For industrial pharmaceutical protein production fast growing, high producing and robust cell lines are required. To select pH-shift permissive and faster growing sub-populations, the CHO DP-12 cell line was serially subcultured for more than four hundred days in shaker flasks. Initial adaptation to growth in suspension was carried out in(More)
  • Tim F Beckmann, Sandra Klausing, Sebastian Püngel, Juliana Coronel, Tim Welsink, Christoph Heinrich
  • 2015
Background State-of-the-art medium and feed development has proven its potential for increasing bioprocess efficiency many times. By the application of such advanced chemically defined and animal component-free formulations, in combination with recent cell lines, the yield of mamma-lian cell cultures was pushed to the binary gram per liter level. In this(More)
  • Sebastian Püngel, T Tim Welsink, Penélope Villegas Soto, Wolfgang Weglöhner, Tim F Beckmann, Ina Eickmeier +2 others
  • 2013
Background In the process of generating a production cell, introduction of the gene of interest into the host cell can be performed by various physical, chemical or biological methods. Because of the greater scalability compared to physical methods and no safety concerns or restrictions that are associated with the use of viral systems, a transfection using(More)