Christoph Heinrich

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Isogeometric Analysis uses NURBS representations of the domain for performing numerical simulations. The first part of this paper presents a variational framework for generating NURBS parameteriza-tions of swept volumes. The class of these volumes covers a number of interesting free-form shapes, such as blades of turbines and propellers, ship hulls or wings(More)
We comment on a Letter by Toytman et al. [Opt. Lett.32, 1941 (2007)] in which a novel setup for wide-field imaging in coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy is demonstrated. There the authors state that our phase-matching implementation of a wide-field CARS system [Appl. Phys. Lett.84, 816 (2004); New J. Phys.8, 36 (2006)] suffers from a(More)
Introduction For industrial pharmaceutical protein production fast growing, high producing and robust cell lines are required. To select pH-shift permissive and faster growing sub-populations, the CHO DP-12 cell line was serially subcultured for more than four hundred days in shaker flasks. Initial adaptation to growth in suspension was carried out in(More)
Background State-of-the-art medium and feed development has proven its potential for increasing bioprocess efficiency many times. By the application of such advanced chemically defined and animal component-free formulations, in combination with recent cell lines, the yield of mamma-lian cell cultures was pushed to the binary gram per liter level. In this(More)