Christoph Hanser

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The authoring of tags – unlike the authoring of traditional metadata – is highly popular among users. This harbours unprecedented opportunities for organizing content. However, tags are still poorly understood. What do they " mean " , in what senses are they similar to or different from metadata? Different tags support different communities, but how exactly(More)
The move towards integrated international Digital Libraries offers the opportunity of creating comprehensive data on citation networks. These data are not only invaluable pointers to related research, but also the basis for a evaluations such as impact factors, and the foundation of smart search engines. However, creating correct citation-network data(More)
Introduction The purpose of this case study is to show the initial considerations regarding the introduction of Web log analysis to the Web site [InTB]. In our study we focus on business questions: Can Web log analysis provide information relevant to business decisions? How much resources should be spent on Web log analysis? Can generic(More)
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