Christoph H Klingler

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BACKGROUND AND METHODS There are few data on the prevalence and clinical outcome of hepatitis C infection in children. We studied 458 children who underwent cardiac surgery in Munich, Germany, before 1991, when blood-donor screening for hepatitis C was introduced in Germany. Their mean age at first operation was 2.8 years; none of the children had received(More)
OBJECTIVES The fact that aging women report similar voiding symptoms as age-matched men prompted us to compare age-related changes of urodynamic parameters in both sexes. METHODS Four hundred thirty-six patients (253 men and 183 women) 40 years of age or older underwent the following investigations: free uroflowmetry, measurement of postvoid residual(More)
PURPOSE All current bulking agents employed for treating stress urinary incontinence (SUI) have significant limitations due to various side effects, technical difficulties and inadequate long-term results. Implantable microballoons were therefore tested as a new therapeutic modality for female urinary incontinence. MATERIAL AND METHODS The microballoons(More)
OBJECTIVE Adequate haemostasis is essential for advanced laparoscopic procedures since uncontrolled bleeding may cause significant complications and even required converting to laparotomy to obtain sufficient haemostasis. The aim of this review is to give insight into the most important tools and strategies to achieve sufficient haemostasis during advanced(More)
The aim of our study was to determine the urodynamic basis for the observation that aging women report comparable benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptom scores as age-matched men. Sixty-seven women (mean age, 60.4 +/- 1.5 years; mean +/- standard error of the mean) and 70 age-matched men (mean age, 63.7 +/- 0.9 years; P > 0.05) entered this prospective(More)
We report on a unique-sized large leiomyoma of the bladder wall in a male patient. After open surgical intervention all symptoms resolved spontaneously and no relapse occurred within a 3-year follow-up period. In conclusion, for symptomatic leiomyoma of the bladder surgical intervention should be considered as an early treatment option since it is(More)
PURPOSE Some patients with acute urinary retention due to benign prostatic hyperplasia do not have successful outcome after prostatectomy and require either a chronic indwelling urethral catheter or clean intermittent catheterization. Urodynamic and clinical parameters were examined preoperatively in 81 men 56 to 93 years old (mean age 72 years) in search(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare, in a retrospective study, pathological specimens of prostate cancer detected in additional areas of a 12-core biopsy with tumours detected using traditional sextant biopsy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study included 27 patients who had undergone radical prostatectomy (RP) for prostate cancer. Prostatectomy specimens of cancers detected(More)
Data on the interrelationships of bladder compliance (BC), detrusor instability (DI), and bladder outflow obstruction (BOO) in elderly men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are scarce and were therefore assessed in this study. Principle inclusion criteria for this study were men aged > or = 50 years suffering from LUTS as defined by an International(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the biological and prognostic value of tertiary Gleason pattern 5 (TGP5) in patients with Gleason score 7 (GS 7) prostate cancer (PCa) and to develop a prognostic model to identify the high-risk group of patients with TGP5. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the data from 4,146 patients with localized (pT2-3 N0 M0) GS 7(More)