Christoph Grun

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Practical guidelines for monitoring and measuring compounds such as jasmonates, ketols, ketodi(tri)enes and hydroxy-fatty acids as well as detecting the presence of novel oxylipins are presented. Additionally, a protocol for the penetrant analysis of non-enzymatic lipid oxidation is described. Each of the methods, which employ gas chromatography/mass(More)
Although hardly any polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are present in the endproduct, the ingredients used for the production of beer contain a high concentration of PUFAs, such as linolic and linolenic acid. These compounds are readily oxidized, resulting in the formation of lipid-derived products that reduce the taste and quality of beer enormously.(More)
Travel and tourism are commonly known as information intensive domains where in online information places a crucial role for the whole lifecycle of the journey. The growth in the use of Internet has transferred the Web users to use the Internet to gather travel related information. Also, the recent development, the semantic Web [1] aims to extend the(More)
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