Christoph Greulich

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This paper addresses improved urban mobility using multiagent simulation. We provide a description of the agent model and the routing infrastructure as a step towards a rich model of the interactions that happen in intermodal transport planning tasks. The multiagent model is generic in the sense that different public and individual transport agents and(More)
The Physical Traveling Salesman Problem (PTSP) is a current research problem which adds a model of velocity to the classic TSP. In this paper we propose algorithms for solving the PTSP which avoid the fragmented allocation of memory and precompute cell-precise single-source shortest paths for each waypoint by using an engineered implementation of Dijkstra's(More)
— This paper describes an effective approach to solve the inspection problem via colored traveling salesman tours. Given an environment with obstacles and regions to be inspected, the approach plans a collision-free and dynamically-feasible motion trajectory that enables the vehicle to inspect all the regions of interest while reducing the distance(More)
Objectives One of the main motivations for robot task planning is to allow intelligent robots to solve complex, real-world tasks in service and industry. While many of the components needed for building such a system have each made substantial progress in recent years—symbolic reasoning, path planning, grasp planning, and trajectory generation—and powerful(More)
A discrete event system (DES) is a dynamic system with discrete states the transitions of which are triggered by events. In this paper we propose the application of the Spin software model checker to a discrete event system that controls the industrial production of autonomous products. The flow of material is asynchronous and buffered. The aim of this work(More)
The majority of research work carried out in the field of Operations Research have relied on optimization algorithms to improve the pick-up and delivery problem. Most studies aim to solve the vehicle routing problem, to accommodate optimum delivery orders, vehicles etc. This paper focuses on developing a system model, which uses existing Public Transport(More)