Christoph G. Schütz

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Application integration requires the consideration of instance data and schema data. Instance data in one application may be schema data for another application, which gives rise to multiple instantiation levels. Using deep instantiation, an object may be deeply characterized by representing schema data about objects several instantiation levels below. Deep(More)
As organizations grow, decision support systems face a surging demand for information; information that must be integrated into the corporate data warehouse. Incremental integration allows for a gradual evolution of data warehouse schemas. Heterogeneous schemas complicate the integration task. Traditional modeling approaches require heterogeneities in the(More)
An enterprise database contains a global, integrated, and consistent representation of a company’s data. Multi-level modeling facilitates the definition and maintenance of such an integrated conceptual data model in a dynamic environment of changing data requirements of diverse applications. Multi-level models transcend the traditional separation of class(More)
Conceptual models organize the data as well as the processes from a business domain using a human-readable, yet formal representation language. For static data models, various modeling approaches have been proposed to represent complex multilevel abstraction hierarchies. For process models, though, current modeling approaches do not provide a flexible and(More)
Today’s dynamic business environment demands from companies variable and flexible processes. Rather than imposing a single fixed process, process models must account for the variability of real-world business problems. Many companies are hierarchically organized with top-down decision making processes. On the one hand, company policies and legal regulations(More)
The availability of reference models for data warehouses lowers the obstacles that inhibit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from using business intelligence technology. Service providers may offer to companies a set of pre-configured reference models for various industries. Modelers may then customize the chosen reference model, tailoring the model(More)