Christoph Göth

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Mobile technologies offer the opportunity to embed learning in a natural environment. This paper describes the design of the MobileGame prototype, exploring the opportunities to support learning through an orientation game in a university setting. The paper first introduces the scenario and then describes the general architecture of the prototype. The main(More)
This paper provides a critical analysis of Mobile Learning projects published before the end of 2007. The review uses a Mobile Learning framework to evaluate and categorize 102 Mobile Learning projects, and to briefly introduce exemplary projects for each category. All projects were analysed with the criteria: context, tools, control, communication, subject(More)
First experiences with a mobile information system aimed at supporting reflective exploration suggest that the device's visualization of past activities and, in particular, the routes taken helps participants orientate themselves and plan the next steps of their explorative activity. Drawing from insect navigation research we provide a preliminary(More)
Supporting people "on the move" introduces a number of constraints that are not present in traditional human-computer interaction settings. In this paper, we describe first experiences with a mobile information device supporting tourists during w hat we call reflective exploration of areas of interest. T he modified mobile game client provides information(More)
One of the open questions in information behavior research is as to how, and to what extent, the human body 'mediates' exposure to and interaction with the complex information environment that is the real world. In this paper we contribute a relevant observation made during field experiments with mobile guides. We also provide possible explanations(More)