Christoph Ellenberger

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart diseases are considered independent risk factors for mortality and major cardiopulmonary complications after surgery. Coronary artery disease, heart failure and COPD share common risk factors and are often encountered,--isolated or combined--, in many surgical candidates. Perioperative optimization of(More)
article were included in group 3. They were retrospectively compared (data not published). At 1-year follow-up, LV volumes were reduced in groups 2-3 (preoperative end-diastolic volumes: LVEF declined over time. Persistence of pulmonary hypertension (PSAP > 40 mmHg at 1 year) was higher in group 1: 48.6 vs 32.5 and 23.2% (p < 0.01). Only a trend in improved(More)
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