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[Diptera control on pasturing cattle in South Germany by cypermethrin-containing ear tags].
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N-benzoyl-N′-phenoxyphenyl- and N-benzoyl-N′-carboxyphenyl ureas: A review of their chemical synthesis and biological profiles†
Some highly active and broad-spectrum representatives of the phenoxyphenyl- and carboxyphenyl urea groups of compounds are described. The products are relatively easily accessible, simple andExpand
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Tracing a 14C-labeled carbamate molluscicide through the digestive system of deroceras reticulatum (müller)
The passage of a 14C-labeled carbamate, 2-(2-chloro-1-methoxy-' ethoxy)phenyl N-methylcarbamate, or its labeled metabolites through the alimentary system of the grey garden slug Deroceras reticulatumExpand
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