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Combining models of capacity supply to handle volatile demand: The economic impact of surplus capacity in cloud service environments
In the paper at hand we analyze the capacity planning problem of a service vendor providing a business process characterized by volatile demand to his customers. Thereby, we consider the situationExpand
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Matching Economic Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability: The Potential of Exchanging Excess Capacity in Cloud Service Environments
Excess capacity is a major problem for service providers. While manufacturers e.g. can produce on stock to fully utilize their capacity, the service industry traditionally faces the problem of idleExpand
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An EA-Based Approach to Valuate Enterprise Transformation: the Case of is Investments Enabling on Demand Integration of Service Providers
Determining the value contribution of IS investments is a crucial task to support conscious decisions, e.g. about the scope or for or against the implementation of these investments. IS investmentsExpand
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Integrating Business Partners on Demand: The Effect on Capacity Planning for Cost Driven Support Processes
Capacity planning for business processes is still a major challenge. Technology enabling on demand integration of business partners handling peak load at short notice may help. We model a three-stageExpand
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Multiple-Sourcing-Strategien bei Finanzdienstleistern : Eine Analyse zum Einfluss der Integrationskosten am Beispiel der Wertpapierabwicklung
Während Multiple-Sourcing-Strategien zur Steuerung von Ausfallrisiken in der Industrie bereits gängige Praxis sind, spielen sie bei Finanzdienstleistern auch bei zeitkritischen Transaktionen bisherExpand
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Superimposed Voltage Testing of HVDC Equipment with Oscillating Impulse Voltage
Superimposed voltage testing with oscillating impulse voltage offers many advantages for long-term testing of large test assemblies. The contribution will show how superimposed voltage testing withExpand
E2E-Prozessverbesserung auf Betriebsmodellebene
Maintaining World Order through Regimes of State-Building Interventions - A Model for Analysis
This paper proposes a new analytical framework for a comprehensive and comparative study of international interventions by proposing a dynamic regime model of state-building interventions. Its aim isExpand
IT-enabled Excess Capacity Markets for Services: Examining the Economic Potential in Cost-driven Service Supply Chains
  • C. Dorsch
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • 2013
Capacity planning is a major challenge for service providers facing volatile demand. Inefficiencies result from idle capacity or lost revenue caused by peak loads. Concerning IT-driven services,Expand
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