Christoph Dickmann

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UNLABELLED SPECT/PET studies in schizophrenia revealed inconsistent changes of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF). Frontal hyperperfusion as well as hypoperfusion are described. This study was undertaken to investigate the relations between rCBF, psychopathology according to PANSS and effects of neuroleptic therapy. METHODS Twenty-four drug-naive acute(More)
Software process improvement needs guidance in proposing, assessing, and selecting a right set of steps and measurements. Often, a process model or a specific methodology is used for this purpose, e.g. the V-Modell, RUP, or agile process methodologies. Each such model or methodology consists of certain activities, procedures, or methods, i.e. a set of(More)
AIM of this study was to investigate the relations between regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) of different brain regions in acute schizophrenia and following neuroleptic treatment. METHODS Twenty-two never-treated, acute schizophrenic patients were examined with HMPAO brain SPECT and assessed psychopathologically, and reexamined following neuroleptic(More)
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