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—The need for more security on mobile devices is increasing with new functionalities and features made available. To improve the device security we propose gait recognition as a protection mechanism. Unlike previous work on gait recognition , which was based on the use of video sources, floor sensors or dedicated high-grade accelerometers, this paper(More)
We present a high capacity reversible watermarking scheme using companding technique over integer DCT coefficients of image blocks. This scheme takes advantage of integer DCT coefficients' Laplacian-shape-like distribution, which permits low distortion between the watermarked image and the original one caused by the bit-shift operations of the companding(More)
Fingerprint quality assessment is a crucial task which needs to be conducted accurately in various phases in the biometric enrolment and recognition processes. Neglecting quality measurement will adversely impact accuracy and efficiency of biometric recognition systems (e.g. verification and identification of individuals). Measuring and reporting quality(More)