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—The need for more security on mobile devices is increasing with new functionalities and features made available. To improve the device security we propose gait recognition as a protection mechanism. Unlike previous work on gait recognition , which was based on the use of video sources, floor sensors or dedicated high-grade accelerometers, this paper(More)
We present a high capacity reversible watermarking scheme using companding technique over integer DCT coefficients of image blocks. This scheme takes advantage of integer DCT coefficients' Laplacian-shape-like distribution, which permits low distortion between the watermarked image and the original one caused by the bit-shift operations of the companding(More)
The widespread use of biometrics and its increased popularity introduces privacy risks. In order to mitigate these risks, solutions such as the helper-data system, fuzzy vault, fuzzy extractors, and cancelable biometrics were introduced, also known as the field of template protection. Besides these developments, fusion of multiple sources of biometric(More)
We describe a Digital Watermarking system dedicated for embedding watermarks into 3D polygonal models. The system consists of three watermarking algorithms, one named Vertex Flood Algorithm (VFA) suitable for embedding fragile public readable watermarks with high capacity and offering a way of model authentication, one realizing affine invariant watermarks,(More)
Biometric authentication is often considered to enhance identity verification. The use of biometrics also introduces new challenges to protect the privacy of the subjects while at the same time increasing the security of a verification system. In this paper, a set of requirements is proposed for biometric processing techniques to safeguard privacy and(More)
This paper provides a brief overview of digital watermarking, defines the requirements for a secure and robust watermarking algorithm for use in applications such as intellectual property rights protection and gives an application example for digital streaming MPEG-2 format video watermarking. The MPEG-2 format is the format of choice for the the broadcast(More)