Christoph Brochhausen

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Pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum represent the most frequent chest wall deformations. However, the pathogenesis is still poorly understood and research results remain inconsistent. To focus on the recent state of knowledge, we summarize and critically discuss the pathological concepts based on the history of these entities, beginning with the first(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of solid barriers (PDLA membrane and foil, Interceed), innovative barrier solutions (Adept and Hyalobarrier Gel, phospholipid emulsion), and Ringer's lactate solution in preventing postsurgical peritoneal adhesions in the rat. DESIGN Prospective, randomized experimental study. SETTING Rat model in an academic research(More)
The potential toxicity of nanoparticles has currently provoked public and scientific discussions, and attempts to develop generally accepted handling procedures for nanoparticles are under way. The investigation of the impact of nanoparticles on human health is overdue and reliable test systems accounting for the special properties of nanomaterials must be(More)
Anderson-Fabry disease, an inherited deficiency in the lysosomal enzyme alpha-galactosidase A, is characterized by the progressive accumulation of globotriaosylceramide (Gb3), also known as CD77. We sought to clarify the pathogenesis of Fabry disease by establishing a cell model of this disorder. The expression of alpha-galactosidase A was transiently(More)
Current light microscopic methods such as serial sectioning, confocal microscopy or multiphoton microscopy are severely limited in their ability to analyse rather opaque biological structures in three dimensions, while electron optical methods offer either a good three-dimensional topographic visualization (scanning electron microscopy) or high-resolution(More)
Fascin is an actin-bundling protein that is associated with cellular motility and cancer-cell invasion. The present study aimed to examine the expression of fascin in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and its potential use as a biomarker. In a prospective study with a median follow-up time of 48.8 months, tumor tissues, adjacent healthy tissues(More)
Metastasis is a complicated multi-step process involving interactions between tumour cells, the extracellular matrix and the vessel walls. Experimental observations suggest that leucocyte migration and function could be a suitable model in order to understand tumour cell dissemination. In the present report we show and quantify the production of free(More)
Peritoneal adhesions remain a relevant clinical problem despite the currently available prophylactic barrier materials. So far, the physical separation of traumatized serosa areas using barriers represents the most important clinical strategy for adhesion prevention. However, the optimal material has not yet been found. Further optimization or(More)
OBJECTIVE Interleukin (IL)-17A is regarded as an important cytokine to drive psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease marked by increased cardiovascular mortality. We aimed to test the hypothesis that overproduction of IL-17A in the skin leading to dermal inflammation may systemically cause vascular dysfunction in psoriasis-like skin disease. APPROACH AND(More)
Modern tissue engineering concepts integrate cells, scaffolds, signalling molecules and growth factors. For the purposes of regenerative medicine, fetal development is of great interest because it is widely accepted that regeneration recapitulates in part developmental processes. In tissue engineering of cartilage the growth plate of the long bone(More)