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Augmenting probabilities to conditional logic yields an expressive mechanism for representing uncertainty. The principle of optimum entropy allows one to reason in probabilistic logic in an information-theoretic optimal way by completing the given information as unbiasedly as possible. In this paper, we introduce the MECoRe system that realises the core(More)
The type concept of the logic programming language PROTOS-L supports sorts, subsort relationships and parametric polymorphism. Due to the order-sortedness types are also present at run time, replacing parts of the deduction process required in an unsorted version by efficient type computations. Together with the polymorphism most of the flexibility of(More)
We provide a mathematical speciication of an extension of Warren's Abstract Machine for executing Prolog to type-constraint logic programming and prove its correctness. Our aim is to provide a full speciication and correctness proof of a concrete system, the PROTOS Abstract Machine (PAM), an extension of the WAM by polymorphic order-sorted uniication as(More)