Christoph Bauer

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This article presents the Linked Media Framework (LMF), a platform for integrating and interlinking structured data and media content in enterprises and on the Web. The Linked Media Framework is based on the Linked Data principles, but extends these on two important aspects: resource-centric updating and uniform management of resource content and metadata.(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive procedure for the linear and non-linear separation of signals with non-uniform, symmetrical probability distributions, based on both simulated annealing and competitive learning methods by means of a neural network, considering the properties of the vectorial spaces of sources and mixtures, and using a multiple(More)
In blind source separation (BSS), two diierent separation techniques are mainly used: minimal mutual information (MMI), where minimization of the mutual output information yields an independent random vector, and maximum entropy (ME), where the output entropy is maximized. However, it is yet unclear why ME should solve the separation problem, i.e. result in(More)
Marques and Almeida [9] recently proposed a nonlinear data seperation technique based on the maximum entropy principle of Bell and Sejnowsky. The idea behind is a pattern repulsion model alluding to repulsion of physical particles in a restricted system which leads to a uniform distribution, hence a maximum entropy, under certain conditions to the energy(More)
A neural network model with incremental Hebbian learning of afferent and lateral synaptic couplings is proposed,which simulates the activity-dependent self-organization of grating cells in upper layers of striate cortex. These cells, found in areas V1 and V2 of the visual cortex of monkeys, respond vigorously and exclusively to bar gratings of a preferred(More)
The XoSoft ( project -- funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 framework programme -- aims to develop a lower body soft exoskeleton to assist adults with mobility impairments. The XoSoft concept is being developed via an iterative user centered design process, with user requirements driving technical innovations. This paper describes a(More)
Osteoarthritis (OA) is described by an imbalance between anabolic and catabolic processes in the affected joint. This dysregulation of metabolism affects not only chondrocytes within cartilage tissue but also the cells of the synovial membrane across the border of the joint. An important factor in OA is the low viscosity of the synovial fluid.(More)
Antibodies are widely used to target and label specifically extra- or intracellular antigens within cells and tissues. Most protocols follow an indirect approach implying the successive incubation with primary and secondary antibodies. In these protocols the primary antibodies are specifically targeted against the antigen in question and are normally not(More)
Today's enterprises heavily rely upon accurate, consistent, and timely access to data. However, company data is typically scattered across multiple databases and file shares in a multitude of forms and versions. Moreover, an increasing amount of valuable background information is available outside the companies' influence and control. This situation is(More)
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