Christoph Barthel

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In the present study, the shape of the root canal was assessed with pre- and postinstrumentation silicone impressions. Curved root canals of 30 extracted molars were instrumented with the Canal Leader (CL), the ProFile System (PF), and hand instrumentation (HI). Photographs from each impression were digitized, and the enlargement of the canals was computed(More)
OBJECTIVE In complex clinical on-the-job training a seamless and target-oriented incorporation is crucial to assure a good medical care. The reliable transmission of specific and relevant facts, besides education knowledge, is a key factor to ensure sustainable quality in care processes. MATERIALS AND METHODS We present the clinical field study WITRA(More)
For endodontically treated teeth, there are no standardized measures available to define the extent of loss in tooth substance prior to final restoration. In this study, defect size was classified and the applicability of the classification was tested related to the inter- and intra-examiner reliability. For classification, three parameters were(More)
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